About provides access to an API for obtaining a time zone by geographic coordinates. Geo data extracted from OpenStreetMap.

API version

0.0.3a (12.12.2023) - fixed issues, added several missed IANA zones from previous import and ISO 3166-1 country names.

0.0.2a (12.10.2023) - implemented support for time zones based on the IANA database. The accuracy of determining time zones based on abbreviations has been improved. Also added country code based on ISO 3166-1.

0.0.1a (19.09.2023) - initial MVP-1 deploy. In this version, about 80% of the territory is covered, completely excluding Antarctica region. Locations where the time zone does not match with the administrative border, the time zone is selected based on the greatest coverage.

API request

There is currently one endpoint available:


Example for Mauritius island:

API response

"latitude": 47.5162,
"longitude": 14.5501,
"location": "Austria",
"country_iso": "AT",
"iana_timezone": "Europe/Vienna",
"timezone_abbreviation": "CET",
"dst_abbreviation": "CEST",
"offset": "UTC+1",
"dst_offset": "UTC+2",
"current_local_datetime": "2023-09-19T18:06:11.57",
"current_utc_datetime": "2023-09-19T16:06:11.570Z"

The API provides a time zone relative to UTC time and a time zone based based on the IANA database and abbreviation. The current time at the location coordinates at the time of the request is also provided.

Contact us

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